Unexperienced users please refer to external documentation.

Many of your questions will be answered in the Frequently asked questions section (FAQ) or on the PearPC Wiki pages (for developers).

Please continue by reading the getting started document to get an overview of PearPC.

Installation of a client

PearPC isn't free standing but needs a client OS which runs in the emulator:

It is recommended to begin with Darwin first.


External Documentation

There evolved a lot of very useful sites in very short time, that give a much more userfriendly documentation (this site was more or less designed for developers). But please don't bug me if their instructions don't work, I'm only responsible for the instructions on this site. If you know of addition sites, drop me a note.

  • runs Forums, Guides, FAQs
  • Emaculation, they run a PearPC forum and have additional helpful downloads (like prepared disk images)
  • Abacado (German only), additional installation instructions for Mac OS X
  • PearPC boot cds, a nice description how to make a Mac OS boot cd and use it with PearPC

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