Installation of Mandranke Linux 9.1

Warning: Installing Mandrake works very well. But booting the installed thing is non-trivial.

  1. Get the Mandrake Installations CDs from a near mirror.
  2. Read the getting started document first.
  3. Join the club.
  4. Make sure you have configured with a big harddisk (3 GiB should do) and a CDROM with the Mandrake 9.1 PPC CD1 inserted. Select a 15 bit video mode. (ppc_start_resolution to 1, 4 or 7)
  5. Boot and you should get the yaboot menu.
  6. Press enter and wait.
  7. At some point, a graphical installer will show up.
  8. I won't partition your disk for you so you have to do it on your own
  9. create 2 partitions: Apple bootstrap and a Linux one
  10. continue install.
  11. It will ask you to insert another CD. Click "Change CD" and choose a different .iso or simply insert a different CD. Continue.
  12. Something bad may happen in the end of the install. Nevermind.
  13. You won't get much farther anyway :-(

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