• My anti-virus software reports a virus in the empty disk file!

    That's because this tidy file expands to 3 or 6 GiB when unpacked. I don't really know why this could be a security risk, but it really contains only zeros. Use a hex-editor to verify this.

  • Mac OS X installation seems to hang at some point. What's wrong?

    Move the client mouse. The installer has turned off the screen but PearPC doesn't support this yet.

  • Can I run Mac OS 9.x.y?

    So far no one has succeeded in doing that. Have a look at the forums.

  • Can I run Mac OS 7/8?

    Yes you can, but not using this project. Use Basilisk.

  • I can't use the mouse (F12) when running on Windows. What's wrong?

    This may happen when using WindowBlinds. If you have WindowBlinds running switch it off. I've got no idea whose fault this is.

  • I'm getting: Error: reset! or Error: power down!. What's wrong?

    Nothing. Your client system has resetted or turned it's power down. PearPC will terminate in this event. You may restart PearPC.

  • What about AIX? Does it run?

    I've got a donated AIX 4.3.3 license and will work at this issue as soon as possible.

  • I didn't follow your installation instructions. Now I can't boot my freshly installed Mac OS X. What can I do?

    This might help.

  • I get Failure : DiskArbstart()-> 1102 in the client. Any solution?

    You might try setting prom_env_machargs="" and prom_env_bootargs="" in your config file.

  • PearPC seems to run, but the window stays black.

    That's not a question. Are you using an 8 bit video mode?

  • Yes.

    That's not a question either. But 8 bit video modes aren't supported. And probably never will. You're free to fix this or to buy a real computer.

  • How can I setup a win32 build enviroment?

    See here.

  • Can I use other compilers than gcc?

    I guess not.

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