Installation of Darwin

  1. Get a Darwin installation CD.
  2. Read the getting started document first
  3. Set machargs="-v" for verbose startup (recommended).
  4. After starting PearPC, Darwin should boot automatically.
  5. Wait (possible wait some more) and when asked for installation device enter "shell" to get a shell.
  6. You now have to create a partition:
    1. Enter pdisk.
    2. Enter e and then /dev/disk0 to edit the partition map of the hard disk.
    3. Enter i to initialize the disk.
    4. Confirm the default values.
    5. Enter p to print the preliminary partition map.
    6. Note the length of the Apple_Free partition.
    7. Enter C (this is a capital 'C') to create a new partition entry.
    8. Enter 64 as first block then the length of the Apple_Free partition from above.
    9. Enter Mac_OS_X as partition name and Apple_HFS as partition type.
    10. Enter w to write to partition map, confirm with y and then enter q and q to quit pdisk.
  7. We're done with the partition map. Enter reboot and wait for PearPC to quit.
  8. Now restart PearPC.
  9. Wait again (and possible wait some more again) and when asked enter 1 as device, 0 as partition and then yes to confirm the installation to the selected disk.
  10. Turn your monitor off and do something useful.
  11. Done. It should now be possible to boot from the hard disk. Maybe your should turn your monitor on again, to confirm that everything has worked.

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