3c90x driver for Darwin PPC/Mac OS X

This driver is needed to use network with Darwin/Mac OS X under PearPC.

Note: This driver is covered by the Apple - Public Source - License. It is not convered by the GPL! This is a modified version (as documented in the sources) of the driver published by Apple Computer, Inc. (See here).

Apple Computer, Inc. owns the copyright on the driver.

We've got reports that you can even use a real 3com 3c90x network card on a real Mac with this driver.

Short instructions to make it work (host: Linux, client: Mac OS X)

  1. download the .ISO
  2. use downloaded .ISO as CDROM image and start Mac OS X with PearPC
  3. copy the Apple3Com3C90x.kext directory from the CD to your disk's /System/Library/Extensions
  4. chmod -R a-w Apple3Com3C90x.kext
  5. chown -R root:wheel Apple3Com3C90x.kext
  6. restart PearPC
  7. start terminal app
  8. sudo ifconfig en1 up
  9. sudo route add default
  10. create appropriate /var/run/resolv.conf (optionally)
  11. launch Safari
Note: Modified on 21.5.2004: Step 5 instruction was completely broken. Fixed now.

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